These 5 Facebook marketing tips will help every beginner get customers

A large percentage of social media users today own a Facebook account. As a result, this social media platform is perfect for advertising. However, many online marketers find it difficult to attract users for their products online, especially on Facebook. This article will discuss five best practices to improve your marketing skill and enjoy wider coverage on Facebook.


Select the proper template for your business page

Marketers are expected to operate a professional business page. This involves selecting a suitable template for their business page. Luckily, Facebook currently offers a wide variety of templates for your business page. Therefore marketers must select the most appropriate template to showcase their business in the best light.

If you are interested in optimizing your business page on Facebook, check out your business page’s settings to select the most appropriate template for your business page.

Create educative videos regarding your products 

Videos are a fantastic way to reach the hearts of your customers. If possible, create educational videos that can help prospective customers get a better picture of the products you are selling. It is vital to note that all videos have to be short and straight to the point.

Usually, a video should not exceed two mins. Similarly, the video should be properly captioned and subtitled so viewers can better under the message in the video.


Create unique contents for your page

Many marketers are guilty of creating and posting one type of content on their business page. However, with a surge in the production of many similar products, social media content has to be top-notch to attract users’ attention. 

Therefore, marketers must continuously create unique contents to keep the attention of their customers. One technique you can try is the 70-20-10 approach to marketing on Facebook.

  • This approach involves creating 70% of your content by yourself. These contents must be unique, original, and easy to understand. 
  • Then 20% of your post should be based on existing and relevant content regarding your product. These contents should also be simple and easy to understand.
  • Then 10% of your posts should focus on self-promotion. These can include humorous contents or inspiring posts. The goal is to add spice to your business page while maintaining the professional face of your business.

In addition, your content should include images and gifs. You can also incorporate polls into your posts and even post some user-generated content from time to time on your business page. For example, some casino websites started to promote Australian online casino offers to post user-generated content on their official Facebook page

The user-generated content may include testimonies on the effectiveness of your product or service. Doing this will add to your credibility as a competent business person. The most successful business brands on Facebook drop content between four to five contents daily in terms of posts. 

Incorporate Facebook messenger into your business page

This involves creating a chatbot that will reply to enquires from prospective customers. Chatbots are easy to set up, and you can program a chatbot to provide answers to general questions regarding your product. Some tools that are available for creating chatbots include WhosOn and DigitalGenius. 

Make use of Facebook Page Insights

After incorporating all the suggestions listed above, you need to check your performance to see how your customers respond whether it was a like or share. The perfect tool for this is the Facebook page insights tool. This tool will give you insights into the level of engagement you are getting, the number of likes you have received and how many persons have checked your post.

You can use the data from this analysis tool to increase your reach by creating content targeted at engaging your customers to try your products or services.