These LinkedIn best practices and marketing tips to improve on qualified business leads

With over 740 million members nationwide, LinkedIn can be frustrating based on the cold calls and spam that gets through the network.

Though LinkedIn frowns on users who overtly push their business through spamming, it exists as a business social network, so some networking is to be expected. This is why having a planned marketing strategy particular to the platform is essential. 

Be a marketer, not a spammer

Many business owners who sell themselves through simple marketing strategies have added advantage over those who don’t. Since the social platform houses a different audience than other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, LinkedIn marketing demands a different approach if quick results are needed.

According to studies, business marketing on LinkedIn generated 277% more leads collectively than individuals who engage in Facebook marketing. Observed Business-to-Business marketers stated that LinkedIn accounts for 80% of their social media leads. When used correctly, LinkedIn can be an efficient marketing tool that can push a business further. 

So you know it can be more effective, but how can you apply it to what you’re doing? Below are simple LinkedIn marketing tips that can inspire productivity in your company.

  1. Look for highly-targeted connections and customers

LinkedIn provides an avenue for small businesses or individuals to find companies, industries, and job roles to patronize their products or services. For instance, software developers in the United States can set their advertising campaigns to focus on selected businesses. They can also target exclusive individuals -such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOS, CTOs, Presidents, or Vice Presidents- within an organization. To get access, you can leverage agencies like Revpanda to assist you.

  1. Be seen

It helps to stay actively noticeable to potential clients on LinkedIn. Clients constantly look for people who fit their standards before approaching them. It helps to be approachable through your profile and post updates. Sending weekly or monthly e-mails to your connections is an excellent way to start. These e-mails could focus on problems you can solve and the services you are rendering. This is a systematic and inexpensive way to get more client attention on LinkedIn.

  1. Take advantage of sponsored updates

Several businesses on LinkedIn pay to put their posts on other people’s feeds through sponsored updates. This “pay-per-1000” or “pay-per-click” impression promotion offers statistics similar to several different social platforms. These include demographics such as gender, age, and location. However, a significant distinction is modifying based on an organization’s name, job title, skills, groups, or school. The sponsored update is a great way to promote rich content conveniently to a targeted audience with an active CTA (call to action).

  1. Post quality content

The focus on high-quality content is to achieve two primary goals. It should first educate others on how to solve a problem or how to do a job quickly. It also sets you up as a professional on the subject matter. 

  1. Join other related groups and stay active

We strongly advise small business owners on LinkedIn to join groups on the platform suitable for their target demographic. This comes with several benefits that would benefit these businesses. This a great way to be in-the-know about what your audience is thinking or talking about. It also allows small business owners to offer their opinion or interact with clients and other businesses. More interestingly, you can easily send messages to members of the groups you belong to, even if you are not connected.