Here’s 6 quick tips to improve upon your Instagram marketing

Social media works great for businesses looking to get exposure, and since Instagram’s creation, more businesses have found a great way to share videos and pictures for marketing. With more than 800 million users monthly, over 60 million images posted daily, and more than 1.6 billion likes from users, there is no doubt that Instagram holds great potential for the kind of business conversions you need.


Even as a new user, there are people and materials to leverage, such as influencers and guides when there is a new feature. However, if you wish to enjoy Instagram and put your business on the map using this platform, then you must be consistent with content delivery. You must create and post the right content and also have a fantastic Instagram marketing strategy. Here, we share 5 Instagram marketing tips that even beginners will find useful.

Switch from personal to a business profile

Unless you don’t own a business, the first step towards creating a good Instagram marketing strategy is to have a business account. If you have a personal account already, you can easily switch to a business account for free. To get started, simply proceed to your Instagram account’s settings section and search for the option to switch to a business profile. 

Leverage free Instagram tools

Business profiles on Facebook and on Instagram aren’t all that different, so if you know how one works, you may find it easy to handle the other. Through Insights, you have the opportunity to view statistics like engagement data, impressions, and more. If you want more data, you can even check your followers’ demographics, including their location, gender, age, and active hours. Scrunch came up with a list of some free IG tools you can use at no cost.

Post attractive product teasers 

If you have been posting tons of images and lovely videos without recording and sales conversion, then you probably haven’t been doing it correctly. You can make lots of sales when you post engaging product teasers without annoying your followers in the process. Customers are more interested when you post teasers than when you come across as pushy with your adverts.  Subtly marketing is key to making sales, and product teasers work fantastic when done right. 


Create effective thoughtful sponsored ads

Instagram lets you run ads as a business looking to expand your reach. The best part of running sponsored ads is that you have control over the amount of money you spend on Instagram Ads via an ad budget. Using Instagram’s carousel feature, you can display one or more sponsored ads. This is a great feature if you are looking to target your audience in a more effective way. For example, some agencies run unique ads for online casino promotions to get more punters on Instagram to see it.

Ensure you utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to market your business on Instagram. Instagram stories and your regular posts are different because you get to display your content in a “slideshow” format when using the story feature. Posts on your Instagram story are only live for 24 hours, but you can save stories to any of your devices for future use. 

Leverage paid third party platforms

This is kid of cheating as we talked about free tools and platforms that you can use to improve your Instagram footprint, but some of the best tools are the ones you pay for. This can include online tools that will schedule posts, help create content calendars, increase your followers and improve engagement, easy ways to quickly reshare content from other accounts, see how isn’t following you anymore, and so many other options.



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