Take a Via to the JFK, LGA or Newark with new Via Airport Express

We received this email from Via recently and love the fact that they’re offering cheap options to the airport. As you know, we love Via as their service eliminates unnecessary stops and makes it a much better option that Uber Pool and Lyft Lines.

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays, or prefer your turkey on a beach someplace warm, Via’s got you covered with the perfect airport ride! Looking to save some cash? Via Airport Express is the smart shared trips you know and love with an extra perk – if it’s faster, we’ll always take the highway so you can make your flight with time to spare.

Traveling with enough luggage for an Everest trek? Via Private offers pickups at your door, and with the car all to yourself, there’s plenty of room for the whole fam.

So go ahead and splurge on that in-flight upgrade, we’ve got you covered with crazy low airport fares. Here’s some sample airport fares from popular New York city neighborhoods

Williamsburg to LGA from $20.50
Park Slope to JFK from $34.50
Midtown to EWR from $41.95

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