Ritual offering current users 3,000 points for referring new users through May 2nd!

We used the Ritual app for the first time this week and loved it. Basically, it’s an ordering app and loyalty app for local cafes, coffee shops and lunch restaurants. The vast majority of Ritual users got onto the app from friend referrals, so the company is ramping up that customer acquisition channel by giving 3x the points for every referral, that’s 3,000 points. Here’w the email that we got from Ritual today:

Most of our members heard about Ritual from their friends, so we like to reward people like you for spreading the word. When you invite frie nbvbnds to Ritual, they’ll get $5 off their 1st order and $5 off their 2nd. For the next week, we have tripled the bonus to you as well! If your friend places an order before May 2, you’ll get 3x the regular referral points (3,000 pts)! We’ve made it super easy for you to share. Forward this email to friends so they can join through your link.

How much is 3,000 Ritual points actually worth? It varies based on the coffee shop or restaurant you use. For example, 100 points might save you $1.55 at your local Curry joint, while spending 100 points at the coffee shop on the corner can save you .85 cents. For the most part, it averages out to be around $1.00 for every 100 points, so 3,000 points will fall between $25 to $35. That’s a fantastic deal even if you get on the lower end. First time user? Signup here to get $10 in credits: http://invite.ritual.co/STUART8849 .

Offer good for one week — until May 2, 2018.

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