Get $12 in free Bareburger credit when you download their app!

I downloaded the Bareburger app last week and to my surprise, the organic burger joint placed $12 in Bareburger credit into my account. Then today, I got a reminder that I haven’t taken advantage of their crazy offer.

You registered for the Bareburger app but you haven’t used it yet! Let’s change that. To spend your $12, just head to Bareburger and place your order. When it’s time to pay, open your Bareburger app and scan your code. We’ll automatically deduct $12 from your first purchase and charge the rest to your card on file!

The twelve bucks in credit is by far the most introductory credit incentive I’ve received from a fast casual restaurant. Usually, it’s $2 or $3 dollars, sometimes it’s $5, but $12 is unheard of. Not sure if this is a limited time offer or a targeted promotion — all I know is I’m going to be going to one of Bareburger’s 38 locations really really soon.

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