&pizza changes how they charge you when you use their LevelUp app

Based on user feedback, &pizza announced some improvements to their &pizza app in which customers will be charged for their pizza order immediately. It will be charged to the user’s linked card in real time. As you may know, the company behind &pizza’s app is LevelUp. No matter how many times you visited &pizza, LevelUp would bundle up all the transactions from that month and charged the customer

So instead of charging a user $10 each time one visited &pizza 6 times, for example, they would make one charge at the end of the month for $60 instead.

Now that’s changing on on August 10, 2018 — single transactions will be charged to your linked card as it happens. In fact, any LevelUp-powered app (including sweetgreen, Gregorys Coffee, more) linked to the &pizza email address will also be billed immediately regardless of which app you use. To see LevelUp‘s terms and conditions, go to their site.


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