Sweetgreen updates rewards program and makes it more restrictive to earn credit

As sweetgreen grows and matures as a company, some of the fun, easy-going benefits that came with being a whimsical startup will disappear as they become more corporate (e.g. more concerned with the bottom line). Last year, they applied a 30 day window to use one’s referral credit. It wasn’t a huge shift, but showed that they wanted to be sure their rewards program worked for them.

Along with sweetgreen’s maturation process is another update to their rewards program. It used to be that you had forever-and-a-day to spend $99 to earn their $9 thank you credit. With this new change starting July 12, 2018, you only have 120 days to reach $99 in spend or your progress will be reset. And any $9 thank you reward will be valid for just 120 days from issue.

The bottom line? Being loyal to sweetgreen just got more exclusive. To see sweetgreen’s complete Rewards Program Agreement, click here.

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