ClassPass updates allow users to roll over credits for more value and flexibility

ClassPass has gone through a lot of changes the last 12 months. And in the last half-year, Classpass is nearly unrecognizable from the initial version some were used to with a huge shift in how users use their system. In a good way.

If you opened their app for the first time in months, you’d notice that instead of getting a set amount of classes, Classpass has officially moved to a credit system that allowed for more flexibility and value – where a fitness class was no longer worth the same as a gym visit. Following up on that currency change, the New York start-up launched the ability to filter by credits.

A lot of these updates came though in recent weeks, but their ClassPass CEO collected all these improvements and highlighted them in an email to their users yesterday.

  • Credit rollover 
  • Buy more credits
  • Filter studios by credit 
  • Book peak-time classes
  • Visit your favorite studios more
  • Dynamically-changing value

Most importantly, there was no longer a limit on how many visits you could visit a studio and is less-restricted by the limits of your plan. Once you hit the max studio visits, you have the option to visit again, but have to use more credits. For example, if you hit your limit to Barry’s Bootcamp which normally runs 9 credits, you could take another Barry’s Bootcamp for 24 credits. And if you used all your credits, you can now “top off” your credits so you can take the class you’re four credits short of.

We’ve been a big fan of Classpass for the convenience, freedom and flexibility, and with these new exciting changes, we think the company has made updates that not only benefit the company, but the users too. That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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