When is Barry’s Bootcamp Holiday Sale? (Updated)

If you’re looking to get into shape in a short time, taking a couple Barry’s Bootcamp classes every week for a month will show significant results. The problem with Barry’s is that they’re not cheap. In New York City, buying one class is $35. The only way to bring down the price is if you buy a subscription (starting at $325) or you lay down hundreds of dollars to buy individual classes in bulk.

Barry’s Bootcamp Holiday Sale

If 2016 was like the previous year and the year before that is any indication then Barry’s will hold another Holiday Sale. Usually, the sale is two to three days in early to mid-December when they drop the prices on the individual classes and class packages (that never expire). Take a look at the sale dates from the last few years?

2019 Dec 4-7
2018 Dec 5-8
2017 Dec 13-16
2016 Dec 9-12
2015 Dec 18-20
2014 Dec 12-14
2013 Dec 13-15

To be honest, it’s not like you’re getting classes at bargain basement numbers, but if you’re buying 20 classes or 50 classes, the several dollars savings per class adds up. So if you’re wanting to have Barry’s in your fitness, then getting a few bucks off the class during their Holiday Sale is one of your only choices when it comes to Barry’s Bootcamp sales. Follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure you get in on this year’s sale.

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