TodayTix kills referral program, steals customers’ referral credits without notice

If you’ve opened up your TodayTix app recently, you might have noticed that it no longer offers the “Refer and Save” option that used to exist in the “Me” section of their mobile app.

That’s because the company had recently discontinued its referral program. if you’re one of the unlucky users that had any referral credit in your account, it’s probably no longer there as the company seized accrued credits from several of their own users.

Of course, killing their loyalty program is well within TodayTix’s prerogative. However the way that they went about it was questionable at best. Some TodayTix members received an email on April 5th, while many others reported not receiving any communication.

The company also pulled down any content that referenced the program. Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll get if you went to today

You couldn’t even put up a simple landing page that said “We’ve discontinued our TodayTix Referral Program” huh? We think this shows that they want to sweep this under the rug as quickly as possible, and without blowback.

Gasp! Users Sharing Their Referral Codes

If you’re not familiar, TodayTix rewarded users that successfully referred friends and family using their personal code — with both sides ending up with $10 TodayTix credit.  The issue that TodayTix ran into was that users were trying to get more credit by sharing it outside of their network — shocker! Newsflash! Broadway shows aren’t cheap.

According to TheatreBoard, they were recently contacted by TodayTix regarding members sharing their codes on their forum so the company deleted that thread. In post after post on the thread, you can read about how TodayTix proactively “expired” many people’s credit whether they had $10 or $100 — which is essentially a money grab assuming that the customers would use that credit eventually. A scumbag move if there was one.

There was a similar sweep back in August 2017 when some users reported receving the following message from a Dara at TodayTix:

As stated in the Terms of Use to which you agreed, referral codes may only be used for personal purposes among your personal connections. You may not distribute your invite code on sites where you are not the primary content owner, including Wikipedia, coupon sites, review sites or in display advertising. By posting your referral code on, you have violated the Terms of Use. As a result, we have removed your TodayTix account credit and retired your referral code.

This is where the deleted BroadwayWorld thread where users posted their codes (Google’s cache).

In this BroadwayWorld thread, the program will cease to exist on April 30th, but there have been several reports of TodayTix members that have had their accrued credit stolen before that. And if you didn’t get it taken away already, you only have until the end of April to use it all. A less than professional move by a company that’s quickly losing it’s luster especially since their prices aren’t that different than those of BroadwayBox, Headout, and other ticket sellers.

And again, some users have been completely left in the dark with no notification whatsoever of the program being discontinued —  no email, no app notification, no blog post, and if you search for anything regarding the program’s status, there’s nothing (we could find)  explaining what happened or an official rationale. It’s like it never existed and that’s what TodayTix wants.

The shameful way the company has handled this is really sad.  The company got big on the backs of this referral program so for them to pull the chair from under some of the people that brought in new customers — new customers whom might have used other services without the discount — is forgetting how they got where they are.

Like many of the frustrated users that have voiced their displeasure on Broadway World, I know I won’t be using TodayTix any longer.


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