Here’s what you need to know about sweetgreen’s free delivery (for a limited time)!

Last month in mid-December salad dreams came true. Specifically, sweetgreen officially announced today that they were testing out delivery through the sweetgreen app.

Yes, delivery has come to the sg app — and if that wasn’t enough, today the company built on that exciting announcement by offering free delivery through the app for a limited time.

The company wants you to tap, tap, tap to get your favorite salads delivered to your desks during lunch, after your Peloton, Classpass, or Barry’s Bootcamp. No matter where you have your Harvest Bowl sent, you’ll earn sweetgreen rewards. As of this post, the company has mentioned that this is only for a limited time and hasn’t put an end date on it.

Sweetgreen as a Technology Company

Despite being in the food industry, sweetgreen is considered a tech unicorn due to their recent 1.6 billion valuation and their embrace of technology to be more than a salad joint.

Their focus may have started as a lettuce-slinging store in Washington D.C. and they’re not shying away from healthy meals and the lunchtime crowd, but the founders are seeing how far they can push up against the traditional barriers and limits. With access to a boatload of funding, technology and strategic partnerships, sweetgreen plans on innovating, changing, and expanding into new spaces.

“We’re building a new type of food company and a sustainable supply chain to challenge how we think about real food, explore innovative new retail formats, and elevate the consumer experience,” Jonathan Neman, Sweetgreen’s CEO, said in a statement. “This foundation will allow us to push boundaries and broaden our impact, doing even more with our suppliers, partners, and technology so that together we can bring about industry-wide change.”

Surprising Promotion Part of the Strategy

So it’s not a surprise that they announced free delivery — something a company of their scale (over 100 locations) would be a non-starter. We’re sure they prepared for the onslaught and what comes from the insanity; the company will no doubt learn a lot which in turn will allow them to take that data to learn, innovate, and evolve. Sounds like a tech company to me.

Sweetgreen delivery and the free delivery promotion is only available on the sweetgreen iOS app or when one signs in and places an order via their website at When choosing delivery, the promotion for free delivery is automatically applied at checkout. Read all the fun terms and conditions at