Does being an AMC Stubs A-List member include a Stubs Premiere membership?

With the introduction of the AMC Stubs A-List movie subscription service from the massive movie theater chain, things got a little confusing with those that were already AMC Stubs Premiere members. Not only does being on the so-called A-List and Premiere member seem synonymous in terms of V.I.P. Social Status, but does an A-List member get to jump into the Stubs Premiere concessions line?

Does AMC Stubs A-List include Stubs Premiere?

More importantly, would those that are Stubs A-List members have to sign up or renew their Stubs Premiere membership separately? If they did, it would seem a little overkill and a more than a little bit more annoying to have to pay twice.

According to the AMC’s FAQs found on company’s website, we have some good news for you — if you’re an AMC Stubs A-Liat member, A-List includes all the same benefits that an AMC Stubs Premiere member (but not vice versa). More specifically, the AMC site has this to say:

AMC Stubs A-List members receive all the same benefits that an AMC Stubs Premiere member receives with the addition of seeing up to 3 movies per week.

So basically, the advantages one receives as an AMC Stubs Premiere™ member are included for A-Listers. Some of those benefits include 10% back on popcorn and drink and concession purchases, complimentary size upgrades on popcorn and drinks as well as access to the priority lanes reserved for Stubs Premiere members at the box office and concessions. Learn more about A-List.