Five ways to make or save money through online promotions

As you know, we like to make and save cash wherever possible. It’s a fun game and hobby to us. As many of us complete lots of transactions online on a daily basis, there are plenty of opportunities to find value.

What may seem like a small saving at the time can turn into huge gains if you repeat these habits over a longer period and ultimately make smarter decisions with your money.

Big companies often run promotions that can prove beneficial for users, while smaller startups generally offer incentives to get people through the door.

You can pick and choose the deals you want to make the most of, and below are five that you can look out for.

1) Earn Amazon Vouchers

Amazon vouchers can be acquired through various online services, and with relative ease.

The classic method of grabbing them is by filling out surveys. There are a multitude of sites that give users the opportunity to answer a series of straightforward questions in return for Amazon funds.

You can also get them by selling your data in other ways, such as scanning receipts, using search engines, and watching videos.

2) Fee-free Peer-to-Peer Shopping

Using a marketplace like eBay or Depop to sell your unwanted items can be a great way to make money, but it is even better when they have promotions in which selling fees are waived.

Normally, they would take a small percentage of your fee, but under fee-free periods, the profit is all yours to keep.

So, when one of these promo periods comes around, this may be the perfect time to offload some of the stuff you have lying around.

3) Betting Offers

If you enjoy watching sports and like to place the odd wager, you should be shopping around for the best online betting offers because by doing so, you can get free bets and other excellent deals.

Some welcome offers are as generous as Bet £10 Get £30, which is the sort of value that you don’t see in many other industries. If you are a regular bettor, look for the bookies with the best existing customer promotions, as you’ll get more out of these in the long run.

4) Refer Your Friends

Pretty much all companies want to increase their userbase, and by creating a promotion that benefits all parties, this becomes a lot easier.

The likes of Lyft, PayPal, HotelTonight and hundreds of other companies have all offered schemes in which if a new user signs up through your link or referral code, the new user will get free credit, and so will you.

This is like affiliate marketing but on a smaller scale between you and your friends – and it works.

5) Cashback Sites

When you sign up with a cashback site, you make your regular purchases – be it clothes, electronics, or travel – through their website, and as a reward, you get cashback afterwards.

Cashback sites are free to use, so there is nothing to lose by doing this, and it requires no extra effort on your part.

The money you can earn by doing this isn’t astronomical, but it can be a nice supplement to your regular income.