Capsule Pharmacy finally releases their Android app (and reviews of their Android app)

Capsule Pharmacy announced this week that they’ve finally released an Android version of their app. Without even a press release, the company simply sent out a understated email to their users saying:

You’ve asked. We listened. NEW ANDROID APP AVAILABLE! Tap into an even better pharmacy experience with our new Android app, available on the Google Play Store.

No offense Capsule, but if you were really listening to your customers, it shouldn’t have taken you approximately six years to get an Android app out. I’ve always been perplexed with the span of time it takes companies to follow up on their iOS app with an Android app.

Okay, this is where I stop complaining. If you’re looking to get the app, you can download Capsule’s Android app here to to get prescription refills with free same-day delivery.

Capsule Android app was 6 years in the making

If you’re not familiar with Capsule Pharmacy, they’re a startup that gives you the ability to order your prescription medicine from the comfort of your laptop and have your medication delivered to you the same day. And all of this is for free.

Despite my complaints above and though I’ve had to use the service on my laptop, I’ve loved my experience with Capsule. It’s been affordable, friendly, communicative and efficient — it hits all the right notes when you’re attempting to radically change up the traditional picking-up-your-prescription experience.

And the reviews for Capsule bear that out too. With the release of their Android app just a few days old, there aren’t a ton of reviews, but here’s a handful of the most-recent from the Google Play Store:

Though I never had a problem using my laptop to put in my orders, if there was one complaint about the company (and other companies) is that they prioritized the iOS app over Android. Often times the wait for the Android app takes years. That’s the case with Capsule Pharmacy, the company was founded in 2015!!

That’s all changed today when Capsule announced that they’ve released their Android app and now their customers using Pixels and Samsungs can download their app, sign in, get prescription delivery for free and rejoice that they can access the great Capsule experience on their Android phones.  Better late than never.