These 6 tips will make your video marketing efforts more ROI-friendly

Video marketing is presently the leading form of marketing, and if you are not making a marketing video yet, you may feel like you’re doing something wrong. Globally, brands are beginning to create videos as their major form of marketing because video marketing has been found to yield sales up to 49% faster than other marketing methods.

It is only normal that videos are in high demand because more people are moved by what creates a deep connection, and that’s what visual content does. Unlike texts, videos show your mannerism, surrounding, and how enthusiastic you are about what you sell. All of these can help you build the kind of trust that converts to sales. Here are 6 video marketing tips that you can consider

Identify your target audience

It’s not enough to just make videos; it’s mostly about getting your video to reach the ideal people. Yes, you want to create a viral video, but it’s useless if your video doesn’t get people to convert. Note that conversion is the reason why your target audience is important. Once you identify your target audience, it becomes easy to focus on the people who will benefit most from what you offer. 

  • Discover their demographics (location, gender, age, education, language, and income bracket)
  • What are your goals with the video? Is it for sales, brand awareness, to generate leads, or to nurture leads?
  • What channels would your target audience consume their videos?
  • Who will create your video?

The big question, however, is, do you know your target audience for effective video marketing? Answer these questions to help you know the audience to target for the best outcomes.

Tell your brand story

You shouldn’t bother creating video content if you are too shy to tell your story. With video content, you can be as expressive as you want, so you shouldn’t feel restricted. Telling a fantastic story takes your connection with potential customers to a new level where you appeal to their emotions. But what kind of stories makes sense for you to share? Here are some good stories you can share:

    • An Inspirational talk that captures positive feelings
    • Other customer success stories
    • A personal emotional experience
    • Show the hard-work behind the process
    • An ongoing trend 
  • A data-driven account of facts

Optimize your videos

The main reason for optimizing your video content is because every platform has its unique rules. It’s always great to keep things concise for social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Then for Youtube videos, you’re free to go longer and also target it accordingly. For instance, some casinos in Latvia promote online casino promotions in Latvija by partnering up with some video influencers, so that they can advertise their offers in a convenient way.

  • Some video marketing SEO best practices include:
  •  keeping the topic lower than 60 characters
  • Using relevant tags and linking to your website
  • Optimizing for mobile
  • Doing keyword research

Add Subtitles

Video subtitles will help to improve your video’s engagement, accessibility, and SEO. With subtitles, you can reach deaf people, on-the-go people, and those who don’t understand your language.

Promote on the right channels and use a call to action

To get viewers to carry out the desired action, always include a call to action in your video such as ‘buy now,’ ‘sign up,’ or whatever you want. Next, you should opt for the best platforms to get your videos to your target audience. The most effective video marketing channels are search engines, Youtube, social media, emails, and blogs.