Where Can I Find Great Odds Discounts, Deals and Free Wagers On Sports Betting?

Featured Photo taken by Higor Douglas // CC BY-SA 4.0

Sports betting is the act of predicting the results of sports events and placing wagers. Bets are then paid back in accordance to the odds which have been set by the bookmaker. Football is a very popular sport for betting, as is American football, basketball and horse racing. Even wagering on non-athletic events like reality shows is classed as sports betting. The truth is, sports betting is an extremely popular and lucrative industry, set to be worth an estimated $150 billion by 2024.

Bets can be simple, like betting on a team to win or lose, or they can be more complex, such as betting on an overall score, or even the time in which a goal is scored. For sports fans, betting can be a way to make games more interesting. Some people take sports betting more seriously, and aim to find the best value bets to make.

Whether you are a casual sports fan or a more serious opportunist, getting discounts, deals and free wagers on sports bets can never be a bad thing. But where do you look? 

Look Out For Offers and Freebies

CashCoup also recommend looking out for coupons and promo codes, no matter what the industry or product. It’s the same for sports betting. Always look out for special offers and discounts that the bookies or websites are offering.

This is especially true online, where sports betting is very competitive. You can often find sites offering huge free bets or percentage match bonuses on deposits. Often there are conditions to these offers that need to be fulfilled, but if you are betting anyway then they provide extra value.

An upcoming free sports betting app is Fox Bet. There are two products launching in the USA in the fall; one is the Fox Bet app for sports betting, and the other is to be a free-to-play sports betting game. Players predict outcomes and can win cash prizes. It’s like sports betting, but you don’t have to pay.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is actually a clever way of using the special offers that online bookies give to you. Say a site offers a $10 bet for free. You can’t withdraw this bet, but you can use it on a game. You take this $10 and bet on any team to win a game. Now, you take your own $10 and find matching odds on a different site using a betting exchange. You bet on the same team not to win, so that you have all angles covered.

One of your bets will inevitably pay off, while you lose the other one. Because you have matched up the odds evenly, you should get close to $20 back no matter which bet wins.

It sounds complicated, but effectively all you have done is found a way to cash out free bets that sites offer. You make the bet and then cover it, so that either way you come away with the amount that the free bet was worth as profit. Nice!

Sports betting in a live environment doesn’t always allow for the best deal finding, whereas online you can look around.

Find the Best Odds

Finally, if you want to make sports bets you should always find the best odds for what you are looking for. So, say you want to bet on Manchester United to win their upcoming game 2 – 1. Search a few different sites, or use an odds comparison site, and see which one will offer the largest payout for the same bet. 

This is the equivalent of knowing which pair of shoes you want to buy, and then taking a look around a few different stores or websites to find the best offer. It sounds like a lot of effort, but you may as well find the best odds if you are going to make a bet. This, combined with using your discounts and special offers wisely, will ensure you are making the most of sports wagering.