When is the next Norstrom Rack’s ‘Clear the Rack’ sale?

If you haven’t heard of Nordstrom Rack’s Clear the Rack then you’ve been missing on some of the best sales from a big brand. Clear the Rack is a sale that usually lasts about a week and occurs every 1-2 months or so.

When the “Clear the Rack” sales comes around, it allows shoppers to take an extra 25% off any brand new items that have the red clearance stickers.

That 25% is a nice discount, but when you realize that the 25% is being applied to clothing, shoes, designer merchandise that have already been discounted up to 75% off then there’s a potential for huge savings.

For example, you can get an additional 25% off on any of the clearance items above already-marked down price (in red). That should excite any shopper that loves a a great deal.

What are the Dates of Nordstrom Rack’s “Clear the Rack” Sale?

So how often is Nordstrom Clear the Rack sales? Some report that it’s an approximately monthly sale and others swear it occurs 12 times a year.

It may seem like there hasn’t been a Clear the Rack sale for some time but that’s probably because we can never get enough of a really good promotion. The thing with these Nordstrom Rack sales is that they’re relatively brand new so there’s no established schedule as far as we know. What we do have is a calendar of the past few Clear the Rack sales below:

Nortstrom Rack Clear the Rack Sales
Year Date Sale Details Promotion Source
2019 Jul 23 Clear the Rack 25% off Email
2019 Jun 14 Clear the Rack 25% off Email
2019 May 24 Clear the Rack 25% off Email
2019 Mar 07 Clear the Rack 25% off Shop Like Her
2019 Jan 01 Clear the Rack 25% off
2018 Nov 08 Clear the Rack 25% off email
2017 Jun 17 Clear the Rack 25% off Facebook
2016 Nov 26 Clear the Rack 25% off Twitter

As you can see from the past three “Clear the Rack” clearance sales, the promo runs every 2-3 months on average, so when it does come around, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of it. During these sales, there are more than 15,000 items in Nordstrom Rack’s clearance section, and this extra discount applies to every single one of them that has a red-sticker on their tags.

From Nordstrom Rack: Savings of up to 75% based on items’ original prices at retailers, which may have been reported to us by manufacturers. Online markdowns reflected at checkout; in-store markdowns taken at register. Price adjustments cannot be made to prior purchases.

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