When is Zara’s next sale?

Quick question: What does the above image of a pile of mismatched sale clothing do to your emotions? Does even the idea of sorting through a table stacked with random t-shirts, a kid’s hat, a pair of ripped jeans, a rumpled blouse and random shoes make you anxious, or does it make your body tingle with excitement? If it’s the latter, then you’re ready for Zara’s next sale.

The season is over and the seasonal fashions that you stockpiled no longer make sense for the weather outside. The spin on that is that you now get to wear new clothes. The problem is THE EARTH AND HOW IT CONTINUALLY SPINS because just as you’re getting used to wearing your Winter clothes, Spring pops up and you need new shorts and t-shirts. With the weather changing every few months, we’re always thinking ahead to the next season and trends. Being fashion-minded can be costly, but luckily you’re just as money-conscious, so you know where to get in on the deals.

If that describes you well then you’re probably already a budding Zara-enthusiast. If that’s true, then I don’t have to tell you how the fast casual chain runs two huge End of Season sales every year. You’re probably well-versed on how to carry as much Zara sale booty in one arm while rummaging through table after table with the other arm.

When is the Next Zara Sale?

So when can you expect the next sale where you can satisfy your bargain-hunting cravings? For those Zara n00bs that want to be Zara experts, here’s the download on when you can expect to go buckwild at the next Zara sale. First, take a couple breaths, slow down. Secondly, what month is it? If you can’t answer that question, then take a few more deep breaths because there’s more thinking coming up. If you were able to answer that question, then you’re ready to to do simple math. The next Zara sale depends on when you’re reading this post. Here’s the upcoming Zara sale dates

Upcoming Zara Sales for 2018
Year Sales Promotion Sale Date Estimate
2017 Fall/Winter
2018 Mid-March
2018 Black Friday November 22 (online)
2018 Black Friday November 23 (in-store)
2018 Cyber Monday November 26
2018 Fall/Winter December 26

To give you a sense of how we came up with the dates above for the next Zara sales, we simply looked at when Zara held their prior sales over the last several seasons.

Previous Zara Sale Dates
Zara Sale Year Sale Began
Fall/Winter 2017
Spring/Summer 2017
Mid-Season 2017 March 15, 2017
Fall/Winter 2016 Dec 26 (?)
Spring/Summer 2016 June
Fall/Winter 2015
Spring/Summer 2015
Mid-Season 2015 Apr 18

Give or take, Zara has approximately 6-8 sales a year with the two blowout End of Season sales as the bookends. Unless you’re seeing this post in the middle of August, you won’t have too long to wait for the next Zara sale.

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