Want to try Viapass? Via is running a “risk-free” promotion for March 2018

Via is trying to get you thinking about upgrading your commute from using the increasingly unrelable NYC subway system to taking a rideshare every morning. They think it’s a guaranteed way to take on the work week with a good start on the day. Can’t argue that.

For one week only, Via is running a promotion for users in New York City can try out either of their 4-week Manhattan ViaPasses risk-free. Well, risk free in that if you don’t end up using the pass enough to cover the value you pay for the Viapass, the company will refund the difference in Ride Credit. It’s not exactly getting cash, or a bonus of 10% so it may be technically risk-free, but the incentive is questionable.

Still, we love Via in that they are usually the cheapest option out there when it comes to rideshare commute options. That’s because the company’s ride-algorithm saves you time and money by optimizing the best route. Sure that usually means walking a half-block to a major Avenue, but in my experience, it’s much less frustrating that navigating one way streets to pick up /drop off with a Lyft Line.

Anyways, if Viapass was something you’ve been wanting to try out, then this is a great opportunity. Otherwise I’d stick with keeping your money. To get in on the deal all you have to do is tap ‘ViaPass’ in the Via app menu and select one of the special Risk-Free ViaPasses by midnight on Sunday, March 4, 2018.

if that doesn’t work, get $10 off your first Via ride with this promo code.

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