Spacious offering discount guest passes: Get 20 day passes for $350 and save $50

Spacious, the WeWork competitor, announced that they’re offering what they’re calling “Day Pass Bundles” so their users can save some cash while having access to Spacious spaces as they need them!

If you purchase one of these discounted guest pass bundles, you can check into any one of their dozens of location to activate one of your Day Passes.

Each discounted day pass gives you access of a full-price guest pass, you’ll get access to the entire Spacious network for 24 hours. To purchase a bundle of discount day passes, visit Spacious’ pricing page or click here. From the pricing page, select the Day Pass option and the site will allow you to upgrade that day pass to a 20-Pass Bundle.

Keep in mind, Spacious Day Passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. If you’d like to share a Day Pass with friends or co-workers, contact us with the details and the company will transfer passes to your guest’s Spacious account.

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