Sinemia referral program encourages friends to cancel MoviePass for $10 Sinemia credit

Sinemia has had an “invite a friend” option for some time. Their referral program allowed current users to refer friends to the service. Those referrals would get $5 in Sinemia credit.

Today, Sinemia decided to supercharge their program by doubling their referral credit to $10 for those that can convince their friends to leave MoviePass — which is another punch the struggling movie-subscription service will have to contend with. As you know, MoviePass has been a nightmare the last two months; their parent company’s stock continues to plunge, they hemorrhaging users, and are a complete PR disaster.

Back to Sinemia’s new referral program pouring a little more salt on the wound.

So in addition to signing up for Sinemia via a referral link, there’s a couple extra steps in the new user referral registration process that asks the new user to provide proof that not only are they signing up for Sinemia, but that they’re also a recovering MoviePass user. If they’re comfortable enough to choose to upload an image of their MoviePass debit card or give the card number as proof, Sinemia will reward them (and the referrer) $10  — which is double the normal referral credit.

That credit can be applied to a future subscription or to upgrade a current one. It’s also been reported that the credit may be used to buy popcorn from within the Sinemia app. Stay tuned.

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