Save $450 on Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL at Best Buy (Feb 2018)

Both Best Buy and Verizon are running great Valentines Day deals (seriously, what holiday is sacred anymore?) offering up Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL at a deep discount. Verizon is discounting their Pixel 3 stock by $300 without the need to activate a new line, but you do need to sign up/renew ona 2 year contract.

That’s great until you run into Best Buy’s deal that will save you an additional $150! At Best Buy you can get $450 off their Pixel 3 phones.

These are the best deals on the Google flagship phone since the holidays — though I have to say I jumped on a Best Buy offer during the holiday season and NEVER received my phone that I bought for a xmas gift. A month after Christmas, that craphole of a company just cancelled my order without an excuse.

In any case, the Pixel 3 camera is one of the best smartphone cameras out there, if not the best. That and the huge sale might be worth taking a dip into Best Buy again (not me though). Buy Pixel 3/3XL for $450 off at Best Buy.

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