Reason Clothing offering an extra 30% your entire order

Reason is a menswear-focused clothing line that creates and designs its own independent, quality pieces. Even at retail price, the company is moderately-priced street wear that’s affordable. Even so the company often has sales and reductions that you can stack on any sitewide promotion.

Those codes can bring down the already reasonable priced clothing a significant amount. For example, Reason is currently running a promotion where when you add the sales code EXTRA30 at checkout you’ll get exactly that; an additional 30% off your entire order. If your order already includes sale items, you’ll be making out like a bandit.

The only problem I have with Reason is they don’t allow refunds in the way that you paid. You buy a sale item and it’s final. Full-priced clothing and accessories can only be exchanged for store credit within 30 days.

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