Your 10 most popular sweetgreen salads by price, calories, and ingredients

In over 10 years of their existence, sweetgreen has developed, collaborated, created and iterated on over 70 different salads or grain bowls. In that time, some seasonal salad combinations have gone out without a whimper or nary a complaint to the company, while others are so popular that they graduate to their the company’s permanent signature menu. Not to brag, but we’re kind of sweetgreen experts, so we’re going to try to objectively pick the most popular salads that the company has ever put out with a little help from other sweetgreen articles and online reviews.

1.Harvest Bowl

Cost: $12.15
Toppings and Ingredients: organic wild rice, shredded kale, apples, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, local goat cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette
All About This Bowl: Added to their signature menu back in October 2014, the Harvest Bowl is easiest the most popular item on sweetgreen’s menu. It’s popularity can be attributed to it being both  a hearty and healthy salad that offers a nice combination of warm ingredients (roasted chicken + wild rice) and fresh crisp toppings. Everything just works together.
Calories and Nutritional Information: The Harvest Bowl has approximately 690-705 calories. This all depends on if you add or substitute any ingredients and will vary depending on how “light, medium, or heavy” you go with your dressing. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of bread before check-out, add 100 calories to your meal.

2. Guacamole Greens

Cost: $12.15
Ingredients in this original salad: organic mesclun, avocado, roasted chicken, red onion, tomatoes, tortilla chips, fresh lime squeeze, lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette
Guac Greens Salad Description: The one and only salad bowl from sweetgreen’s original list since opening and the most-popular salad before the Harvest Bowl came around. You know the Guac Greens salad has got to be good to have gone through all those different menu changes in the last decade of existence. Guacamole Greens offers a nice mix of crisp greens high in antioxidants, with the yummy and healthy fats from avocados, plus at just over 500 calories, it’s packs the feel of a meal, but at half the meal in kcals.
Guac Greens Calories and Sodium Info: There’s approximately 530-540 calories in sweetgreen’s Guacamole Greens. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you choose to add a slice of bread (as they love to offer) before paying, add 100 calories to the total.

3. Kale Caesar

Cost: $10.15
Ingredients in Kale Caesar: shredded kale, chopped romaine, parmesan crisp, shaved parmesan, roasted chicken, tomatoes, fresh lime squeeze, caesar dressing
Where is Kale Caesar at sweetgreen from: Quickly climbing up the charts is the Kale Caesar that was introduced a few years ago. Already one of their most popular salads, the Kale Caesar is a yummy riff off a classic salad. The lime adds a nice kick while the crisp kale gives it a fantabuloso crunch. It’s a pretty straight forward salad, but if you’re hankering for all the flavors of a Caesar without all the calories that usually comes with it, it’s the best option out there.
How Many Calories Are in a Kale Caesar? 420-430 calories. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of bread before check-out, add 100 calories.

4. Portobello Taco Bowl

Cost: $9.60
Ingredients in Portobello Taco Bowl: organic wild rice, organic spinach, warm portobello mix, shredded cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes, feta cheese, tortilla chips, lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette
Description of Portobello Taco Bowl: This bowl is MAGIC.  It’s definitely one of our favorites due to the savory and heartiness of the bowl. The combination of flavors (namely: sweet potatoes, portobello mix, and tortilla chips) give it such a well rounded flavor that is sure to satisfy any Taco Salad Lover. TIP: ask your Sweetgreen Salad Maker to mix in some of their *hot sauce. It will blow your mind. SADLY, this bowl is part of Sweetgreen’s Winter 2017 Seasonal Menu and will be discontinued as of April 1st 2017. RIP Portobello Taco Bowl. I’ll never let go.
How Many Calories Are in the Portobello Taco Bowl? 650 calories. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of bread before check-out, add 100 calories.

5. Rad Thai

Cost: $13.65
What ingredients and toppings are in Rad Thai? organic arugula, organic mesclun, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, spicy sunflower seeds, organic carrots, cucumbers, basil, citrus shrimp, spicy cashew dressing
What’s the Rad Thai All About? The Rad Thai salad is probably a play off the famous Thai dish “Pad Thai” with a SoCal “rad” take. This Thai-inspired salad bowl offers a great mix of creaminess and texture thanks to the crunchy sprouts and spicy cashew dressing. If you’re hankering for a fresh feeling asian style salad, the Rad Thai delivers. The basil leaves give the salad a nice edge.
What’s the Nutritional Value? The Rad Thai has just 365-430 calories. Like the Spicy Sazibi, the Rad Thai is the healthiest in terms of total calories. Of course this is based on the suggested recipe and this number is without adding bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of sweetgreen bread, add 100 calories to the total calories.

6. OMG Omega

Cost: $13.95
Ingredients: organic arugula, baby spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, avocado, roasted steelhead, nori furikake, miso sesame ginger dressing
About: The OMG Omega is a great option if you’re looking for something that feels healthy while you chow down. The salmon is delicious, and the nori gives the salad a nice edge.
Calories: 555 Calories. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you say yes to a side of bread, add 100 calories to this total.

7. Hummus Tahina

Cost: $12.15
Ingredients in Hummus Tahina: Toppings and Ingredients: chopped romaine, shredded kale, herb falafel, local feta, tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, za’atar breadcrumbs, housemade hummus, cucumber tahini yogurt dressing
Description: All About Hummus Tahina: Added to their signature menu back in October 2014 (along with Avocobbo and Rad Thai), this Mediterranean-inspired salad has 10 ingredients that make you think of greek food: including a base of kale and romaine with feta cheese, in-housemade hummus, their herb falafel and their tahini yogurt dressing. The Hummus Tahina is one of the few sweetgreen salads that contains gluten.
How Many Calories Are in Hummus Tahina Salad? The Hummus Tahina has 495-525 calories if you go with the ingredients and toppings they suggest. This particular salad has between 495-525 calories. The range differs from sweetgreen’s main site reporting of calories (495) vs. the calories we’ve seen when we actually go to order the salad online. This is without bread. If you’d like to add bread to the bowl, add 100 calories.

8. Shroomami Bowl

Cost: $11.15
Ingredients in Shroomami Bowl: organic wild rice, shredded kale, raw beets, bean sprouts, basil, spicy sunflower seeds, warm portobello mix, roasted sesame tofu, miso sesame ginger dressing
Description of Shroomami: This is one of Sweetgreen’s few *vegan bowls and is a part of their *warm bowls* menu. The portobello mix with the miso sesame ginger dressing is delicious! A nice and hearty bowl.
How Many Calories Are in a Shroomami Bowl? 555-640 calories. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you like bread and add it, also add 100 calories to the total.

9. Pesto Portobello

Cost: $12.15
Ingredients in Pesto Portobello: warm quinoa, organic arugula, roasted chicken, warm portobello mix, raw corn, hot chickpeas, spicy broccoli, pesto vinaigrette
Description of Pesto Portobello: Part of Sweetgreen’s *Warm Bowls* menu.
How Many Calories Are in a Pesto Portobello? 775 Calories. This is without adding bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of bread before check-out, add 100 calories.

10. Spicy Sabzi

Cost: $10.15
Ingredients and Toppings in Sabizi: organic baby spinach, shredded kale, spicy broccoli, raw beets, organic carrots, bean sprouts, spicy quinoa, basil, roasted sesame tofu, sweetgreen hot sauce, carrot chili vinaigrette
What does Spicy Sabzi mean? In Indian cooking, “Sabzi” means adding spices, water and different vegetables into a dish. The Spicy Sabzi has a great crunch to it, and the spiciness makes it a well rounded earthy salad that is sure to satisfy. This is also one of the few vegan bowls offered.
Calories in this Salad? With 430-440 calories, the Spicy Szabi is one of the lower calorie salads at sweetgreen. The calorie count is not including the free bread to the bowl. If you add a slice of bread, add 100 or so calories.

Prices and ingredients from as of November 2017.

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