Live in New York City? Here’s 7 tips on how to win lottery tickets to a hot Broadway Show

Living in New York City has a lot of perks, but in this city, many of those perks come at a cost. One of the biggest benefits of calling The Big Apple home is the amazing amounts of shows, performances and events that happen on any given night. Of those, Broadway shows are some of the most-unique offerings the city has to offer, but they come at a price.

That’s why if you live in NYC, you should be putting your names into the ticket lottery for the shows you want to see the most. I have a handful of friends that play the lottery every day. The great thing about today’s lottery is that much of that can be done online in the morning, from the comfort of your own desk. No more waiting in line in the cold at the box office hoping and praying and warming up your hands.

Though it shares the name “lottery”, your chances are much better than winning the Megamillions jackpot or taking your chances on an live online casino. To wit, one of my friend has won lottery tickets to Hamilton seven times. SEVEN TIMES. Given three of those times were before the show hit it big, but still, that’s a lot of wins no matter how small/large the play.

broadway ticket lottery schedule

1. Strategy: Come in with a strategy on how often and what time the lotteries open up
2. Play Them All: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, put your lottery tickets in several lotteries to up your chances.
3. Be Patient: Keep playing and don’t be deterred. You may win the first week or might not win until the eighth month. When you do – it’ll all be worth it.
4. Go Small: Obviously the big name shows are going to have more seats available, but also A LOT more people playing the lottery. Sure, Hamilton would be nice, but play something a little off the beaten track (and especially off the tourist track).
5. Play with a Friend(s): The way this work is that cach of your friends play the lottery for two tickets on the same (or different) shows – pairing up when the other wins.
6. Bad Weather is Good: Is there inclement weather today — a snow storm? Play the lottery that day and bundle up.
7. Waiting in Line?: If you want to wait in line for the lottery, then make sure you have cold hard cash. Most places accept other forms of payment, but some theatres have cash. This increases your chances.

We promise if you heed the seven tips above that you’ll eventually be sitting in the Orchestra with $20 tickets to the show and all that work you put into it will be worth it. The feeling of saving $150+ isn’t priceless, but saving $150 is a lot of money! Didn’t win? Then get $10 off your Broadway tickets via the TodayTix app with promo codes here and here.

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