New Year’s Sale: Save 20% off Via rides by pre-paying for ride credits

With bomb cyclones and frigid temps dropping us into the depths of…. hell? Forget I said that, Via is here to keep you extra toasty all winter long if you decide or need to venture out during the month of January. Even those it’s freaking freezing outside, you can warm yourself up by NOT taking the subway or bus, especially favorable with their hot Ride Credit deal! Get 20% off Ride Credits when you purchase them by January 10.

If you’re no good at math, here’s what Via is offering for their 20% off ride credit

For three days only*, here’s how you get discounted rides from Via:

  • Purchase $100 Ride Credit for just $80
  • Purchase $50 Ride Credit for just $40
  • Purchase $25 Ride Credit for just $20

Click here or go to the “Ride Credit” option of Via’s app so you can save mucho duckets in 2018.  It’s only good for three days, starting on the 8th of January — the special discounted promotion ends at 11:59pm EST on January 10, 2018.

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