MealPal $75 gift card promo for Whole Foods, Target or

You’ve seen us cover many of MealPal‘s gift card promotions in the past, but their newest promo is pretty exciting. For the first time in the company’s referral history, they’re letting new users choose what kind you’ll get.

So not only do you get a $75 gift card, but you can choose from you want to get it. Right now they’re offering Target, Whole Foods, or — which all but covers all the bases. You can select the gift card based on if you’re more into technology or if you love fashion? Even if you consider yourself a foodie or more of an online shopaholic, MealPal’s newest gift card promotion has you covered. If you sign up for MealPal today, you have the option of the gift card that you’d like to receive as a welcome gift for being referred to MealPal..

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