Get 15% more Cash Back from Ebates by choosing a gift card

This is a smart and neat move by Ebates. A few days before the company was to send my “Big Fat Check” they sent out an email giving me the opportunity to “boost” my cash back. Meaning they would add an additional 6-15% to my cash back account balance if I chose to be paid out via a gift card from one of their selected retailers.

For example, I had $55.40 in my account, and if I chose a GameStop gift card, I would received an additional $5.54 for a total of $60.94. That’s because GameStop offers a 10% boost on my $55.40. Not bad at all. And the boosts aren’t insignificant especially if you are planning on shopping with that store anyway.

Some of the retailers you can get gift cards from include Best Buy (10%), Nike (15%), CB2 (8%), Gamestop (10%), Forever 21 (8%), Gap (12%), Foot Locker (15%), and 20% at Petco! That’s definitely enticing. All you gotta do is choose an e-gift card to load with your entire Cash Back amount (plus the boost) and receive your e-gift card right away by email!

Choosing to boost your cash back has several benefits. Obviously, you get extra dollars to spend at a store you might already shop at and you don’t have to wait to get your check (they’re electronic gift cards). If you’re not interested in an e-gift card, it’s not a problem. You can choose to do nothing and Ebates will send out your cash back check as normal.

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