Get $15 off your Minibar order of $40 or more

Just in time for an alcohol-fueled holiday party, Minibar Delivery is running a promotion for $15 off your next order of $40 or more on alcohol, wine, and beer by using the promo code: VINOFIFTEEN . Despite what the promo code suggests, this is good for more than just wine.

Here’s what the email had to say: Get $15 off your first Minibar Delivery order when you spend $40 or more, and enjoy wine, beer, and spirits more delivered right to your door. The limited time order is only valid on a customer’s first order with Minibar and it can’t be combined with another order – whatever that means? The minimum purchase is $40 with a max discount of $15. Also, because this is alcohol, the discount is only good for non-alcoholic items or delivery fee in the following states: Texas, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Indiana.

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