Forget picking up your own coffee: Use Ritual and have someone else do it! the mobile ordering and payment app is running a promotion that allows you to earn 500 points for doing absolutely nothing. This week, Ritual users can easily earn 500 points when a friend, co-worker or “someone else” brings back the food you ordered via the app. In order to get in on this easy deal, look for a notification from the Ritual app that your teammate is offering to pick up. Tap the notification to jump on their order. Basically, if someone is already at the local cafe picking up their food and you’re getting something there, too you can join their order. If they agree to bring your order back then both sides will earn those 500 bonus points.

Basically it’s an interesting way to crowdsource your network (or strangers?) so you don’t have to get up from your desk and Ritual is leveraging the density of the city as well as banking on the idea that many workers go to popular restaurants to pick up coffee / lunch.

Don’t see any team orders in the app? You can still place your order and offer pickup. You’ll receive 500 points for each extra order you bring back.

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