CAVA making significant updates to their app, loyalty program starting Dec. 17

We just learned that beginning December 17,  2019, CAVA is updating their app that will change up how customers use their app.

The switch in their CAVA Rewards program changes how it works from how we’re used to using it including how to pay, earning and paying with rewards credit. When the update goes through, the company’s app will force you to log in and change your password to allow the updated app to take effect. From there, here’s a summary of the changes you’ll notice:

Paying In-Store: After the updated app is live, CAVA customers will no longer be able to pay for their meal using the CAVA app or QR code (sounds like they’ve moving away from Level Up). Without the ability to pay with the app, the Mediterranean fast casual joint accepts payment in cash, credit or debit card, gift card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.

Earning CAVA Rewards: CAVA fans can still earn CAVA rewards with their in-store purchases as they did before. To earn rewards, open the CAVA app, choose “Earn” and scan the code (or give your phone number) to have your transaction applied to your CAVA account.

Using your CAVA Credit Here’s the whopper, one’s CAVA Rewards credit will no longer auto-apply. Here’s we’ll let CAVA explain how credits will be used after the app’s update:

Once you’ve confirmed your account via scanning your app or providing your phone number, the cashier will see a list of your available rewards. If you have more than one reward, the cashier will communicate which reward to apply based on expiration. Only one reward may be applied per transaction.

Again, all these changes to the app go into effect in a week on December 17th, 2019, so if you have credit you’d like to redeem at once, you should do it sooner than later.