Casino weekly bonus 2021

Every player loves the allure of having access to more than their budget, right?

One of the perks that come with the shift of gaming to the internet is that developers have provided various bonuses, including weekly casino bonuses.

Many casinos draw new punters with juicy welcome bonuses and promotions, but in 2021, the weekly bonus is one of the major highlights of a casino. Online casinos offer varieties of weekly bonuses in their promotional strategy.

A betting site may award a combination of bonuses weekly, offering different options every day of a particular week. In the same vein, it can hold a set of bonuses during a week and another for the next week.

There is a big emphasis on bonus codes in recent times, with casinos taking advantage of the quality of bonus codes while rewarding punters. Keep up with this article to read more about weekly bonuses and bonus codes.

Loyalty bonus

This is a program that seeks to reward players based on how active they are with a Casino. It aims to acknowledge the valuable time players use with a particular Casino per week.

The content of loyalty bonuses vary, and may be a higher withdrawal and deposit, faster withdrawals, boosted deposit bonuses, and many more.

How to Enjoy Loyalty Bonus

  • The first step is signing up with the preferred casino
  • Make money deposit 
  • Place bets with money deposited
  • Collect loyalty points as you play
  • Redeem your loyalty points for cash or other bonuses.

Referral bonus

Casinos are willing to offer players some bonus when they invite friends to check out their games, and the beauty is that you can enjoy such a weekly bonus.

How to claim referral bonus

  • Send your unique link to friends
  • Ask them to click on it
  • Ask them to register and make a deposit
  • Bonuses will be tracked to you after anyone signs up through your link
  • Redeem whatever bonus is attached

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus is used to attract a large number of gaming enthusiasts.

It is a refund of a percentage of cash on a player’s loss over a week.

It may differ among casinos or from one player to another, although a general rule is that you have to spend big before claiming a cashback bonus.

While some casino cashback accumulates based on the percentage of loss per week, you have to request it at other casinos.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is one granted to players as they deposit money into their online casino accounts.

While some reload bonuses are automatic, giving you free credit as you deposit a certain amount per week, other reload bonuses require a type of payment method before accessing them.

Whichever way a reload bonus occur, you are sure to make the best out of it as you can get a more valuable bonus of playable cash with lower wagering requirement and free spins.


Casinos constantly offer bonuses to encourage play continuation at their casino. Most of these bonuses are offered monthly. Nevertheless, you get some every week. Thus, players in need of more resources than their deposit should look out for casinos that offer bonuses as often as a week from the last one.