Barry’s Bootcamp Holiday Sale starts tomorrow December 5, 2018

It’s the holiday season and everyone is having some sort of sale, running some kind of promotion. Barry’s Bootcamp, the popular HIIT class that focuses on different parts of the body depending on the day is again putting forward three days of savings. We’re not sure what the discount will be this year, all we know is that this year’s sale will be held from December 5th to the 8th. Here’s the email we got from Barry’s a few hours ago.

Only one more sleep until the BARRY’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALE
Stock up before prices go up (slightly) after the sale
Set your alarm
You won’t want to miss this year’s holiday sale.

Classes are usually $35 a pop in New York City and if I recall correctly, the classes were discounted by $7 per class purchased. That’s a good 20% off. Let’s see tomorrow how much the savings are for 2018! Barry’s classes bought during this sale are only valid in the region in which they are purchased and expire a year from purchase date.

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