MIXT loyalty program moving away from Thanx on May 28; introduce own rewards and new app

Mixt is telling everyone how excited they are to reveal that they’ve developed a brand new MIXT app – boasting about seamless online ordering, more rewards (earned faster!), and an integrated loyalty experience.

Mixt is saying it will improve ordering with all the same perks. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going to happen in the next couple weeks

  • The current MIXT loyalty program powered by Thanx will sunset on Thursday, May 28, 2020.
  • In June, the MIXT app will get an update that will change its entire look and feel and you will be required to migrate your account in the updated app.
  • Online ordering will be completely revamped, providing a more seamless experience across the app and on mixt.com.
  • The loyalty program will be changing as well, offering points for every dollar you spend, more rewards, and faster earning!

If you’re a current Mixt user and loyalty program member, here’s some actions you should take:

  • If you use the MIXT app for loyalty and ordering Mixt has the information they need to transfer your current progress and rewards to the new program. Mixt will let you know once the new MIXT app launches, at which point, you will need to update the app and create an account using the same email linked with your current account.
  • If you use the Thanx branded app for loyalty and have not downloaded the new MIXT app, please do so now and sign in with your Thanx credentials.

Doing this will allow Mixt to transfer your rewards to the new program, but you must do so by Thursday, May 28, 2020.