What is Zinus’ Amazon return policy? We compare Leesa, Casper, Nectar, and more

All the modern-day, website-only mattress companies aren’t just more affordable but often the industry standard for these companies are to have ridiculous return policies. When we say “ridiculous”, we mean they’re really great and generous. Companies like Casper, Tuft & Needle, Nectar, Leesa, Purple and Zinus all have multi-month sleep trials and free returns if you’re not satisfied.

Zinus Return Policy for Amazon?

However those return policies and 100-night trials change if you bought it from Amazon. So what happens when you buy one of these mattresses from Amazon.com, is it then subject to Amazon’s return policy or does the company’s return policy override that. We had this question when we recently decided to buy a Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress, Queen from Amazon.com. Looking at Zinus’ return policy, it didn’t state Amazon by name, but did say this:

If you purchased your Zinus product at any of our partner sites, then house rules apply and your return window and conditions are defined by that specific retailer.

We sent Zinus a message to confirm that was the case and their response was essentially: “Yes, you’re under Amazon’s return policy if you buy from Amazon”. Don’t take my paraphrase for fact, here’s their response:

When an item is purchased through a retail channel other than Zinus.com, the item has a return/warranty period that is set by that retailer. For you, Amazon is your retailer and they set their return period to 30 days. During this period, any faults with the products are handled directly by the retail channel. Because this is contractually written between Zinus and Amazon, Zinus is unable to step in until you are outside of this period.

However, it sounds like if you encounter problems outside of that 30 day window that Zinus will try to accommodate your issues best they can. Considering the competitive landscape they’re under, we’re confident that short of 1) completely destroying the bed and 2) being significantly outside their return window

Comparing Mattress Company Return Policies and Sleep Trials

We looked at and compared many of the mattress 2.0 company return policy’s and though many of the more generous return policies were overridden if you bought the mattress on Amazon, there were a handful that extended their return windows to Amazon purchases — particularly Leesa, Tuft & Needle and Nectar.

Here’s a look at those companies sleep trials, in-house return windows, warranties and Amazon return policies.

Mattress Sleep Trial & Return Policy Comparison
Company Sleep Trial Return Policy Warranty Amazon.com
Casper 100 days Free Returns 10 Years (Defect Only) 30 days
Leesa 100 nights Free Returns 10 Year 100 days
Zinus 100 days Free Returns 10 year 30 days
Nectar 365 Nights Free Returns Lifetime 180 days
Tuft & Needle 100 day Free Returns 10 Year 100 days
Purple 100 nights Free Returns 10 Year 100 days*
Nest Bedding 100 days Free Returns Lifetime 100 days

The most impressive of all the companies’ return policies, sleep trials and warranties was Nectar’s offering. Though Nectar’s Amazon return policy is shorter than their 365 day promise if you bought from their website, their180 return window on mattresses purchased on Amazon was by far the most generous — that’s six months. And they back it up with a lifetime warranty.

* Beginning in December 6th 2018 Purple’s 100-night mattress trial applies to Purple mattress purchases made exclusively through Amazon seller Purple Innovation!

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