Whoa! MealPal offering $1000 to members that refer 5 friends (UPDATE)

We’re going to keep this short so you can go out and start referring your friends, family, strangers and pets BECAUSE MealPal’s current offer is giving current users $1000 (in gift cards) if they can refer 5 friends today only (October 22, 2018) update below. We thought their $500 referral promo they ran last week was great, but obviously this is better. Approximately 100% better.  If you’re able to successfully qualified referred five friends (terms of promotion are met) you’ll receive a $1,000 Amazon e-gift card. If the member falls short of the handful, they’ll still receive a $50 Amazon gift card for each referred friend so it’s not still worthwhile.

Update: We just got another email from MealPal detailing out that the promotion is more than just one day. Peep the deets below:

As you may have seen, we brought back this promotion today and have upped the ante — Refer 5 or more pals and get a $1,000 gift card! Given the referral bonus increase, we will actually payout $1,000 for referrals who join from October 8, 2018 through October 10, 2018 AND referrals who join from October, 22 2018 to October 24, 2018 local time. You’re so close to reaching the 5 referral milestone — keep referring here!
With the extension of dates in which one can refer it actually makes this MealPal referral promotion even that much more enticing and realistic. They must know the LTV of a new MealPal member tends to stick around. And if you have’t spammed your friends and family already, now is the time!
Since $1,000 is kind of a big dill, the terms of the promotion are more rigid than normal and we want to make sure you’re aware of how to qualify and when you may expect to receive your reward if you do qualify. The main qualifying terms are for both you and your pals to complete two 30-day cycles plus have unique phone numbers, credit card numbers, and email addresses. If these terms are met, you will receive an e-gift card within approximately 30 days. You can review the full terms below. If the terms are not met, you can still qualify to receive the $50 gift card payout per referral. 
This is a serious promo with some serious money to be had, so MealPal isn’t taking any chances on members trying to take advantage or game the system. Happy referring! Go to Mealpal.com

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