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Many of my friends and co-workers started using MealPal in San Francisco. And it sounded like such a great deal. For some reason, I decided not to jump on the MealPal bus at that point. Don’t know why because if you’re buying lunch everyday, it’s  no-brainer. Basically, you sign up for a subscription for a predetermined amount of meals each at approximately $6 per meal. The meals are pre-made by the restaurant en masse in a specific timeframe so it’s at it’s freshest and all you do is pick it up.

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In a nutshell, MealPal is subsidized lunch from extremely-local restaurants for discounted. At six to seven dollars per meal (cheaper if you’re on the bigger plans) is a savings of 30-50% off in cities like New York and San Francisco if you were to go out and buy lunch yourself. When comparing that to $14 salads and $12 sandwiches, MealPal is fantastic. Plus there’s no need to wait in line and you can choose from a variety of cuisines.

Business Insider wrote a great summary of all the MealPal benefits and why someone like me is drawn to the service:

MealPal is a sweet deal if you already pay upwards of $10 for lunch in cities like New York. If you usually go out for lunch, want to explore new restaurants, and enjoy avoiding lines, it’s perfect. But there is a limited menu, and if you’re on a food budget like me, the price still doesn’t beat grocery shopping and bringing your own lunch.

Basically, if you like trying different foods, convenience and relatively-cheap meals, you’ll like it. But it probably won’t be cheaper than cooking at home and bringing lunch to work.

What makes MealPal even a better deal and more affordable? From time to time, Mealpal runs a promotion where a new member receives a either a $50 Amazon gift card or a $50 VISA e-gift card when they sign up for MealPal.

You’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card for each friend who signs up! When your pal signs up, they’ll get one too. Eating is always better with a pal! 

You can also feel good in that your friend that referred you will also get a $50 gift certificate — as long as all the conditions are met.  Usually those conditions involve verifying their mobile phone number, the referrer also must be an “active paying MealPal member on a 30-day cycle for the 12 lunch, 20 lunch, 10 dinner, or 15 dinner plan, and must renew for a subsequent paid 30-day cycle on one of the noted plans” or “an active paying flex member who consumers at least 10 meals in the 30 days following the referred member’s sign-up date and who renews for at least one more flex cycle following the current cycle“.

About MealPal

Website: MealPal
Opened: 2015
$50 Gift card Promo:  Click here
Locations (2017): Thousands of participating locations, restaurants, delis in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago

Formerly known as MealPass before re-branding in 2016, the service is brought to you by the same minds behind Classpass.

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