Wow! Get $80 in free groceries from Imperfect Foods with this promo code

We’re in the game of discounts and coupons and sign up bonuses so it takes a lot for us to get excited about a specific promotion. Our blood pressure rose up this morning when we received an email from Imperfect Foods.

That email announced a new promotion where new users that signed up for the grocery delivery service would receive $80 in credit to get free groceries sent directly to their door. Here’s what the email said:

Help plant the seeds of a less wasteful lifestyle in your community. Give friends $80 in free groceries (they’ll get $20 off each of their first four orders).

Imperfect has a growing selection of affordable and sustainable grocery items and products that you can choose from and have them delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to click on this link in order to get your $80 credit and start shopping immediately to shop.

This Imperfect Deal promotion deal is as good as we’ve seen from this company whose mission is about “a kinder food system.” This completely makes their usual $20 sign up bonus look really bad in comparison. We’re not aware of any when or if this sign up bonus will end (and their terms and conditions page is severely outdated), but if you’ve been looking to try out grocery delivery, don’t miss your chance.