Slowly but surely, Pokéworks expanding to Los Angeles, Florida, Texas and 8 other states

If you follow the fast casual restaurant scene, you know that many of the restaurants are always talking about expanding aggressively. Sometimes it happens, most of the time it doesn’t.

Take the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the company boasted about expanding their presence in New York City with 100 locations in 2018, but have yet to open one in that time. Not with Pokeworks, the Hawaiian-inspired poke joint already has nearly 50 locations and their locations page says that they have approximately 30 new storefronts in the works or “coming soon”

Pokéworks Store Openings 2019-20
City State/Country
Scottsdale AZ
Los Angeles CA
San Francisco CA
Greenwich CT
Hartford CT
Washington DC
Fort Lauderdale FL
Jacksonville FL
Miami FL
Orlando FL
Port St. Lucie FL
Tampa FL
Atlanta GA
Coeur D'Alene ID
Ann Arbor MI
Detroit MI
Grand Rapids MI
Hoboken NJ
Jersey City NJ
Albuquerque NM
Hudson Yards NY
Queens NY
Nashville TN
Austin TX
College Station TX
Houston – Northeast TX
McAllen TX
Dallas TX
TBD Mexico

This article said that in August 2018, the company only had 25 locations and planned on bringing 80 more restaurants in the United States, up from their current 25 storefronts. Pokeworks site says that there’s 115 franchises in contract.A year later, that’s nearly double.

Their website says that the company will have 100 locations opened by 2020 with major expansion in Houston. We’re not sure if that will happen, but Pokeworks definitely is one fast casual company that is serious about expansion. If they hit that goal, it would be amazing for a company that started out in 2015 as one shop providing affordable poke to the masses would grow by 100x in less than five years time.