Kettlespace finally launches a mobile app (only on iOS, sorry Android users)

Exciting news from Kettlespace! The co-working company just announced the launch of their new mobile iOS app.

The launch of their new app was a direct result of all the feedback Kettlespace has received from their customers. Not to mention that no tech company that offers up a service like this shouldn’t not have an app.

The Kettlespace iOS  app will support some of the most frequently features such as

real-time and updated info on hours of operation, clear details of the unique features of each location, and an overall smoother flow of getting into a space that suits your needs and setting you up for success. It will also allow you to easily discover which space is closest to you at any given moment, update your profile, change your plan, and connect via LinkedIn.  

The Kettlespace app is now available for download and plans for an Android app is supposedly coming out soon. These type of releases always say that the other version is coming out “soon”. In any case, we’ve enjoyed using Kettlespace — if you want to jump into co-working, Kettlespace is a good one try out as they have a 7-day free trial or you can get 50% off your first month by clicking on their referral link.