Hot news: The process of MU set a record in the Premier League

MU set a Premier League record when it became the first team in the history of the highest league in the fog to win at least 3 goals in 4 consecutive matches. This is officially considered a world record leaving many emotions in the hearts of everyone, especially Red Devil football fans. After this event, there was also lots of news regarding the team and some of the players. 

After the 14th round of Premier League in the 2020/21 season, MU is currently in the top 3 in the rankings. Update the latest football streaming apps so you don’t miss any football matches this season.

Let’s learn more about MU’s promotion and breakthrough on our rankings through the article below.

    MU has set a record of 1 no 2 at British cave 2020

How did MU set a record in the Premier League?

In this match, MU brought a surprise when it changed the situation, bravely defeated Southampton 3-2 even though it was 0-2 in the first half. Getting into my eyes, and unpredictable victory. With this breathtaking victory, MU had a new step to temporarily climb to 8th on the rankings with 16 points, only 5 points behind the top team Liverpool. Not stopping there, this glorious victory also helped MU set two great records that have never appeared in the history of this club.

The three points obtained helped MU set a record as the first team in Premier League history to win 4 consecutive away games and were both led by their opponents in all 4 matches. MU’s second record is that they had 8 consecutive away matches in the Premier League. In the process of winning this glorious victory, all the players in the team have done their best, bringing extremely impressive gameplay.


The reason why MU eliminated Martial in the match against Southampton

The sports newspaper said Martial has not scored any goals in the Premier League this season, only making one assist. The French star is expected to carry the team’s public goods after returning from suspension. Martial moved with the team to the southern port city of England to prepare for the match against Southampton but was later ill and unable to play.

In the match last night, coach Solskjaer decided to use young striker Mason Greenwood to start from the beginning, side by side with Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford on the attacking front. This was a rather unexpected decision because Man United did not have a proper striker, even though Edinson Cavani was still on the bench.

The match last night saw an impressive comeback of Man United. After giving host Southampton a 2-0 lead in the first half, coach Solskjaer decided to send Cavani on for Greenwood and the Uruguayan rookie shined with a double goal and an assist for Bruno Fernandes to score.

Although this team won a glorious victory, it was also sad news for the Martial football player. In this match, he really did not shine, but, in turn, disappointed the coach so this name will be eliminated from the MU team.

           MU delivered a match with unexpected results

Van De Beek with an ankle injury

The match MU against Southampton, Donny van de Beek was arranged for the first time in the Premier League. Van de Beek has made a great contribution to MU’s playstyle, helping this team achieve the highest goal of 3 points. However, the joy is not complete with the Dutch star. On his post-match personal page, Van de Beek posted a photo of a swollen ankle. The 26-year-old’s specific level of injury has not been determined.

Obviously, this is bad news for coach Ole Solskjaer. In the match against Southampton, goalkeeper David De Gea also had a knee problem and had to leave the field in the first half. It can be said that every injured player leaves holes for each team.


MU sold 4 defenders

The Daily Express page has reported that the coming wintertime will be the time when coach Ole Solskjaer filtered the squad strongly. In defense, 4 names will have to go so MU has a budget to serve the goal of recruiting a quality midfielder. Players that are no longer part of Solskjaer’s plan are Victor Lindelof, Marcos Rojo, Phil Jones, and Eric Bailly.

MU is interested in Villarreal midfielder Pau Torres. Torres still has three years of contract with the home team Estadio de la Cerámica and has a contract clearance fee of up to 60 million pounds.

I do not know if this is really the right choice or not, but it will be the best plan for the MU team to develop more than that MU has given.

       Let’s wait and see what options MU will bring after the Premier League

Just finished bringing MU up, Cavani immediately sent a message to his teammates

After all, the match scheduled between Southampton and Manchester United has ended in a more dramatic way. Having lost 2-0 when James Ward-Prowse left its mark on both goals, but Manchester United still proved the bravery of a big man.

And if the captain of the home team plays impressively, then and away star Edinson Cavani is equally shining. First, the former PSG star was the assistant for Bruno Fernandes to shorten the score to 1-2 in the 59th minute of the match.

Edinson Cavani’s performance is good news for coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Maybe all football fans who have always been fans of the MU football team will have different thoughts and feelings. Especially for those who love and are crazy fans of French player Anthony Martial. Because, if you maintain a less impressive performance like the last time, it is possible for the French striker to be on the bench and as it may officially have to leave this team.


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