CAVA updates their app and loyalty reward program — and goes live today!

A couple weeks ago, CAVA sent out a mass email to their app users to inform them of upcoming changes to the CAVA Rewards Program. They touted these changes under some general intangible business speak. Or specifically:

…would allow for the company to build on their commitment of bringing you the best experience every time you visit a CAVA restaurant.

Whatever that means. Usually when they’re not telling you what that best experience means, it probably means they’re trying to save money on their program.

Well, either way those changes began today. Some of the changes that will impact users most are that now they’ll have 150 days to reach a total of $88 (or more) in purchases to unlock their $8 CAVA reward credit and promo code. All progress toward this new goal will rollover with the new changes and you’ll l have 150 days to finish reaching $88 in order totals.

Once you receive your $8 loyalty reward credit (no monetary Value), you’ll have 60 days to use it before it expires. All existing rewards prior to the program change should still be in your CAVA app account. With this update, it’s easier to follow along with your CAVA progress with their new CAVA Rewards Tracker. You can find this tracker in your account either online or by opening the CAVA app. Enjoy!