Unlike GrubHub and DoorDash, ChowNow’s online ordering allows restaurants to pocket more

When you order through ChowNow, your order makes an impact. By ordering directly from the restaurant or cafe via ChowNow, all proceeds go directly to the establishment.

As you know, most third party online ordering companies such as DoorDash and GrubHub take a hefty percentage from each order (even for repeat customers). Those companies have seen a significant increases in their business during Covid-19 times and gobbling up profits that could go to those small businesses that they say they support.

In response, users are cutting them out. However you don’t have to stop online ordering with ChowNow’s commission free approach.

The money that restaurants saves can be used on things that make your experience even better – like higher-quality ingredients, better pay for their employees and improved service.

To make ordering direct even easier the next time around, check out the participating apps in the iPhone or Android stores. You save time, and the restaurant saves money. A win-win, as they say.

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