What is AMC’s new “Entourage” feature and how to use it?

AMC Theaters new “Entourage” feature will allow friends and family planning on seeing a movie together much easier. At an AMC Theater, of course.

I often see movies with my partner. We’re both AMC A-List subscribers and we’ve worked out a process of buying seats to a movie via AMC’s app or website where we screenshot the seats we select. It’s not difficult to share movie plans with one another, but it can certainly be easier.

Enter AMC’s new upcoming feature “Entourage” that may or may not be called ‘AMC Stubs A-List Entourage’. Despite the potentially unfortunate branding, the option allows groups to make collective reservations as long as their all A-List members. You may have been in the a situation where you planned on seeing a blockbuster with a friend or three with the hope that you all get seats next to one another, or one person buys all the seats and they have to then wrangle money from their friends.

With the new feature, the largest movie chain in the nation hopes to make such situations simpler. That mean’s no more texting your group text “Hey I got G15 and G13 and G14 are open right now!”

AMC’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director Craig Ramsey discussed the small but very welcome addition in a conference call in August:

“In October, we will be announcing something called ‘AMC Stubs A-List Entourage’, in which couples or groups of friends will be able to join the program individually, but will be able to make their A-List reservations for a particular movie collectively,” said Ramsey. “So that you can book seats 8-6 and 7 for you and your wife, for example, if you’re both members of A-List in one single transaction rather than having to do it in two separate transactions and hope that she quickly grabs 8-7 immediately after you grabbed 8-6.”

Not sure the exact details on how the new feature will work yet. Whether it shares out a link that friends click on or there’s a group reservation in your orders section that’s good for a period of time, or you add your friends to the app (and then to the reservation). Whatever it is, barring some bugs, it’ll be a convenient feature that will take several steps out of seeing movies with your friends, and keep A-List as the leader in movie subscription services.

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