YouTube TV discount, coupon code. Save $10 off your first month

Have you been looking to cut the cord and considering different services?


Well,  YouTube TV is giving you an incentive to choose the Google owned service over Roku and any other internet-based streaming TV providers by offering you $10 off your first bill.

15% off for new subscribers

When you become a paid Base Plan member, you’ll automatically get $10 discount off your first bill as long as you sign up for YouTube TV using this this link.

Though $10 doesn’t sound like a lot, at the current pricing for the base plan that’s approximately 15% off your bill.

To get the discount just click on this discount referral link to get started with YouTube TV at a discounted price.

Terms of the YouTube TV $10 offer

To qualify for this $10 off couple code, you’ll need to be an active paying subscriber to the YouTube TV Base Plan.

You’ll also need to be a new YouTube TV subscriber to get your first month at a discounted rate. Once their first bill is paid, you’ll see an automatic discount reflected on your next billing date.


This special offer only applies to the YouTube TV Base Plan. If you’re subscribed to individual networks such as NBATV or HBO Max without the YouTube TV Base Plan, then you aren’t eligible for the $10 discount.