Getaround for Car Owners

If you’re here then you’re considering sharing your car on Getaround’s network. Smart. Getaround is essentially an Airbnb-like service for car owners. Instead of an apartment or home, you’re allowing verified users to borrow your car. In turn you make money on an asset you’re not using.

According to Getaround, a good chunk of the 250 million cars in the United States aren’t being used for nearly 90% of the day. That’s crazy to think about. If you have a car that’s idle for 20 hours at a time, why not let others borrow it? All the while you’re sitting at home, at work, or even sleeping. That’s the great premise behind Getaround, a service that allows car owners to share their car and earn money basically for doing nothing.

Need more reasons? Here’s 10 advantages and benefits why you should list your car onto Getaround’s service ASAP.

  1. Pay Car Expenses: Gas, insurance, parking — owning a car is expensive. Use Getaround to offset expenses.
  2. Earn Money: Earn over hundreds of dollars a month sharing your car
  3. Do Nothing: Once you’re approved, do nothing. Approved drivers rent the car and unlock it with our app
  4. Free to Start: Share your car without adding to your bottom line
  5. Getaround Credit: As an owner, you get $50 monthly credit to Getaround.
  6. Dedicated Parking:  Getaround has dedicated parking spots in many of the cities they serve
  7. The Environment: The more people that share their car, the less cars there are on the road.
  8. Don’t Sweat Insurance: Each Getaround trip is insured for $1 million
  9. Just in Case: If something goes wrong, Getaround provides 24/7 roadside assistance.
  10. Technology: Once set up, Getaround’s technology take cares of almost everything

Really, the biggest benefit to signing up your car to Getaround is #3. Once you’re approved and set up, all you do is do what you normally do. As you wash dishes, clean the house, watch Netflix, or sleep, you can be earning money toward rent, car payments, gas, movies, groceries, or whatever you choose to spend your money on.

If you’re convinced and interest in listing your car to the Getaround network, click here to share your car.

Alternatively if you need more info, fine print and terms and conditions, go to Getaround’s owner’s policy.